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Ear Piercing

Sterile, quick and safe ear piercing. Get your look in minutes.

Ear Piercing 

Its an exciting time when you are having your ear pierced and we love sharing these memories with you.  Especially if its your little ones "firsts".  We have our private beauty room available for you or with your little one to sit comfortably, you can choose your choice of jewellery and have the treatment done quickly and efficiently.

£35 per person

Includes pair of earrings, piercing, aftercare advice and aftercare lotion 

Hove Hairdressers Beauty Salon Brighton & Hove Fine to Fabulous Ear Piercing


We pierce with traditional studs which are sterile and suitable for new piercing to help with the healing process as quickly as possible. They are 24ct gold plated studs of different shapes, from a round ball to cubic zirconia in several colours.  Birthstone options are available to add a little colour.  There is also titanium options too. There are other choices of metals available.  Please see below.

birthstone earrings - fine to fabulous salon
gold earrings
Caflon earrings gold stars

Safety First 

For each piercing we begin by fully sanitising the ear piercing station, chairs, hands and instruments using medical grade supplies. Your therapist will wear a mask and single-use medical grade disposable gloves. Use specially designed piercing earrings which are safely packaged in pre-sterilised, single use cartridges. The pre-sterilised cartridge is loaded directly into the instrument without ever being touched by the therapist. We talk you through our aftercare options and demonstrating how to care for your new piercing in the most effective and hygienic way. For all under 16yrs old, a parent or guardian has to be present and we do need children to sit still.

Piercing Aftercare Lotion

Included in your appointment is a take away Caflon aftercare lotion, which helps with the healing process and takes cares of your ear lobes.  Daily care is essential 

Fine to Fabulous Hair Salon Hove
ear piercing Hove Fine to Fabulous Salon

Piercing Aftercare 

Always try to keep your new ear piercing free from soap, perfume and hair products. Rinsing your ears with clear water after shampooing, then cleanse with After Care Lotion to keep ears clean and earrings sparkly. The piercing should be cleansed with Caflon After Care Lotion and kept dry, especially after bathing, swimming or exercise. Take care when brushing your hair, exercising, wearing headphones or anything that might cause discomfort to your new piercing. Avoid pushing the back on too tight, the tip of the post should be covered and secured in the safety notch.

Trained & Insured

Our piercing therapists are trained in local piercing policy and practice basic procedures in order to deliver clean, hygienic and safe piercing environments.  Each will work towards their practical sign off, where they will demonstrate great piercing techniques before our Piercing Trainer validates the training. Our training programme is certified by our partners at Caflon and our modular training ensures our therapist not only understand the policy but can practically implement it as well. The key is consistency. All our therapists have annual refresher training, giving you the extra reassurance that your Ear Piercing Specialist has the most recent knowledge.  We also have the required salon insurance to undertake ear piercing.

Important to know..

.We will only pierce children ears from 7 yrs old

All children under the age of 16 yrs old require a parent or guardian present

Children over 16yrs old require id

.We do not do nose piercing

Should we see any contra-indications, we are obliged not to proceed and your deposit will NOT be refunded

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