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Declutter your makeup bag for the new year

Is your makeup bag bulging at the seams with old lipsticks and eyeliners lurking forgotten and unused for months (if not years)? Then it’s definitely time for a declutter, says Ingrid.

Fine to Fabulous Top 8 makeup Bag essentials
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Tough love

Take a deep breath and dig deep. What exactly have you got in your makeup bag and do you actually use it?

Let’s start with that makeup that you bought at a knock-down price in last year’s sales and have never used. Then there’s that dried up mascara and nail polish.

Some of the worst clutter culprits are freebies and samples that you’ve picked up from here, there and everywhere says Ingrid.

Be honest: If you haven’t used them yet, you likely never will.

Did you know that once opened makeup can harbour germs. Wet environments in particular harbour bacteria, which is why mascara needs regular renewing. The bacteria that exist on our lashes are transferred to the wand and into your mascara tube.

Finally, toss out all those products you’ve used once and really didn’t like, but still hoard as a ‘backup’ option. Feeling better already?

Cleaning and sorting

Wipe clean the products you are keeping. Then clean or wash your makeup bag – or treat yourself to a new one as a reward for all your decluttering work. “If you’re buying a new bag choose one with small compartments or pockets so you can separate out different product types and sizes,” advises Ingrid.

Wash your makeup brushes and sponges. Run each brush under warm water using fingers to spread out bristles, avoiding water where the bristles meet the handle as it dissolves the glue, and bristles shed. Apply mild soap or shampoo and swirl the brush in your hand to lather up then rinse. Wipe across a clean towel and reshape bristles between your fingers.

Separate out your makeup tools such as brushes and sponges and store them in a separate pouch in your makeup bag to protect them and keep them clean. I also pop in tweezers and a couple Q-tips for emergencies adds Ingrid.

Less is more: makeup bag essentials

Here are my top 9 products that will really earn their keep in your makeup bag:

Brows Brush & Kit

Small Compact Eyeshadow Powder

Hydrating Concealer

Foundation or BB Cream

Lightweight SPF

Sheer Lip Balm or Lipstick



Good set of makeup brushes

New year, new you…

It’s a new year, a new start and there’s change in the air… so why not give your makeup a makeover with a fresh new look for 2023 . If you want more advice, tips and tricks bring a long your cosmetics to a 60 min lesson at £75 with Ingrid for a fresh new look.

Call Fine to Fabulous Salon, Book Online, or send us a DM.

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