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Skincare in your forties

Crystal Clear Facials at Fine to Fabulous Salon
Crystal Clear Facials at Fine to Fabulous Salon

With the right products and treatments, our skin can still look radiant and glowing as we hit forty and beyond, says Ingrid. But our skin does change as we get older, so the treatments and products that previously worked really well for us may no longer be suitable.

Hitting 40: what happens to our skin?

We may start to notice dryness, wrinkles, fine lines, patches of discolouration and sagging. This is due to several reasons says Ingrid, Fine to Fabulous Beauty Therapist:

  • We start to lose those vital ingredients for great skin: collagen and elastin.

  • A drop in oestrogen levels means a loss of elasticity and firmness.

  • Lower sebum production leads to dryness.

  • Face fat rearranges itself and shifts downwards.

  • Sun exposure, smoking, poor diet and alcohol over many years can really start to show in our forties.

But don’t despair. We can’t turn back time, but there are some highly effective treatments and products that can combat the typical signs of an ageing skin and provide a real confidence boost.

Rehydrating your skin

“Our skin thins and dries in our forties due to decreased oestrogen,” explains Ingrid. You’ve probably a favourite moisturiser that you’ve used for years, but you may find it no longer works so well to combat increased dryness.

“Switching up to a heavier cream such as Crystal Clear Complex C Hydracell Moisturizer could be right for you. Come in for a free consultation – we will assess your skin and recommend the best products and home skincare routine for you.”

Amazing results with retinol

If retinol isn’t already in your skincare routine, now’s the time to try it. Retinol increases collagen production which improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines leaving your skin looking younger, brighter and smoother.

“There are some important do’s and don’ts you need to know before starting a course of retinol treatment,” says Ingrid. “So book a consultation with one of our skincare experts to find out more about it and how it might help you.”

Delay the visible signs of ageing

Here are my simple steps that you can take to help ‘future-proof’ your skin while you’re younger as well as minimise damage as you get older says Ingrid:

  • Try to get a good night’s sleep (yes, that’s why it’s called ‘beauty sleep’!).

  • The sun’s rays can be very damaging to skin – but it’s so easy to protect yourself. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen such as Crystal Clear Protect & Repair SPF40 – even if it’s cloudy, even if it’s winter. And when out in the sun, cover up and wear a hat.

  • Opt for a gentle cleanser like Crystal Clear Soothing Cleansing Gel which won’t strip your skin of its natural oils.

  • Minimise stress which is an underestimated cause of premature ageing.

  • Avoid over-exfoliation as it can cause irritation, dryness and increase the signs of ageing.

And finally, here are the ones we hear most often, probably because they are so important: don’t smoke (skin hates toxic smoke), stay hydrated and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Professional anti-ageing skin care

Whatever age you are the sooner you start caring for your skin the better the results will be. At Fine to Fabulous Salon we offer a range of treatments and products including:

  • Facials – to nourish and refresh your skin so you’re good to glow.

  • Peels – to remove dead skin and give you a fresher more youthful look.

Come in for expert advice on skincare and to find out which products and treatments will best suit your individual needs. Call 012730748999 to book your complimentary consultation.

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